Feast Funding

Histon & Impington Feast Application for Funding 2024

The Feast Committee wants to be able to support local groups, organisations, and charities by sharing the funds raised through the generosity of the village during Feast Week.

So if you’re a local group, organization or charity and need funding, then read the application form carefully and if you meet the criteria then please apply.  Applications close at Midday on Sunday 10 March

Here are the Committee’s guidelines and criteria for applicants:

  • The group, organisation or charity should provide a benefit or service to the residents of the local community.  This does not mean that donations only go to local groups, organisations, or charities.  However, it does mean that a donation should benefit the local community. For example, support has been given in recent years to organisations such as Arthur Rank House and CAMSight.
  • Applications for both a specific purpose and for providing support to general funds and running costs are welcome.
  • Applications for sports clothing will not be supported.
  • Applications must benefit the group, organisation or charity, rather than individuals.   
  • A charity, group or organisation which has received funds from the Feast within the previous calendar year is not normally selected.  Groups can apply for  funds every other year.    The committee will consider funding the same group in consecutive years provided the beneficiaries are distinct from those who received funding in the previous year.
  • All applicants are expected to assist the Histon & Impington Feast Committee by selling Feast programmes, and where possible promoting and assisting with the running of Feast events.  This is vital to the success of Feast Week.

Timing is as follows:

  • Applications must be received by Midday on Sunday 10 March 2024.
  • There will be a Feast meeting at 8pm on Thursday 21 March, venue to be confirmed.  A representative from each applicant must attend this meeting to explain briefly why funding is required and how it meets the criteria.
  • Histon & Impington Feast Committee will meet AFTER this meeting to decide which applications to support in principle.
  • Histon & Impington Feast takes place from Saturday 29 June to Sunday 7 July 2024.
  • Histon & Impington Feast Committee meet in the late summer to agree and confirm the amount of funding each application will receive according to how much money has been raised, the amount the organisation has applied for and the level of support that was given during Feast Week by the organisation.
  • After the late summer meeting, the Groups, Organisations and Charities will be advised of the amount to be given and the funds will then be distributed.

If any group, organisation, or charity stops operating or closes its business within 12 months of receiving any funding, the donation must be reimbursed, and any equipment not required must be returned to Histon & Impington Feast.