Histon and Impington Feast 2022 – A year to come together

The village celebrations this year are a collaborative event and involve many people on a range of organising groups. In particular, the Feast would like to thank Open Gardens 2022 and HI Friends

The Feast Committee this year is a diverse group of people who have risen to the challenge this year and last. With many events cancelled last year, the resilience of the group has been amazing. Thank you all for your help.

The Organising Committee

An amazing group of people have been involved in organising Feast Week.  Their ideas and willingness to help have made a number of new events possible this year. As we return to normality in this very special year I would like to thank all of the Organising Committee members; you have all played your part.

  • Richard Martin
  • Neil Davies
  • Yvonne Murray
  • Howard Carpenter
  • Tam Parry
  • Dan Mace
  • Mark Carberry
  • Arnold Fertig
  • Jane Stiles


Histon and Impington Parish Council

HI Summer Festival thanks Histon & Impington Parish Council for their support and hard work to make both Histon & Impington Recreation Ground and our HI Streets available for these important and key events which bring our community together. Thank you also to the Parish Council team for their consistent work in our villages each and every year. This year as well as supporting many HI Friends activities and Sporting Activities, our staff team has made sure that the Jubilee events are supported by enabling the Jubilee Marquee to be made available over Jubilee weekend and most importantly will be there for the clean-up afterwards. Our Parish Council team gets involved in many community activities, many of which I was not aware before I joined the Parish Council. Also, very pleased to see the Ukrainian Flag flying alongside our Union Flag welcoming families to the village and our HI Streets in this momentous year for both our countries.

Yvonne Murray, HIPC Vice Chair

I have been involved in organising community events in the village for 30 plus years. Whenever a new idea for a large event has originated the Parish Council has always been there at an early stage seeking to support in whatever it can in terms of making its facilities available or prepared to provide start-up funding. Village events to celebrate the Millennium or the Queen’s previous two Jubilees would not have been the success they were with Council support

Neil Davies, HIPC Recreation Chair & Charity Manager of HI Friends

HI Friends

As in previous year’s the Feast Committee is running a number of events with HI Friends, the group that supports wellbeing, mobility, sport and recreation for those in our community.  

Local Businesses

The Feast Loyalty Card appears again this year in a very different way.  Our Local Businesses continue to support our community as we move forward from COVID.  Please support all our local businesses, visit those you haven’t visited before and appreciate the dedication of those who run them. We thank all the businesses taking part this year, thank them for coming together time after time to support our Community and beyond.  We hope they benefit from all our Celebrations this year.

The Community of Histon and Impington

This website is designed to let you know about Feast Week events which is one of the three major events for our Village this summer – the Platinum Jubilee weekend, our local feast week and Open Gardens. Please support these events and come and join in the fun.